The Union Advantage-10 Top Reasons

Organizing- Our unions lifeblood... The ideas are stated simply in the Preamble of our United Association Constitution-the document all members have sworn on our word of honor to support and uphold.

"The objective of this Association are to protect its members from unjust and injurious competition, and secure through unity of action among all workers of the industry..."

"Each member... should be prepared to use his influence on those who do not yet belong to the Association, but whose only reason for not belonging to it is the benefits offered have never been fully explained to the..."

"To join with us in our efforts to secure through the power of organization... a steady demand and fair compensation for our toil..."

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The Union Advantage-10 Top Reasons why you should be a member of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 267

Reason 10- It's the way to more STABILITY and SECURITY... as a construction worker, the pay, benefits
and working conditions in your union contract are guaranteed from job to job

Reason 9- Health Insurance- your insurance benefits are portable- they remain in effect even though you may change employers

Reason 8- Retirement Security-the average union pension is worth twice as much as the non union one-if you're one of the lucky 16% of non union employees who even have a pension

Reason 7- Best Jobs- as a union member you have the ability to work on the best jobs both in the local area and all over the country

Reason 6- Safe jobs- Union construction workers are half as likely to have a life threatening accident during their career

Reason 5- Training and Skills Upgrading- as a union member you have access to the finest career training available

Reason 4- Respect from your employer-your skills and views are respected. You have the education and skills to get the job done right-the first time!

Reason 3- The same set of rules apply to everyone-Written rules apply to everyone-union contracts emphasize equality and fair treatment

Reason 2- You help build a stronger community- good high paying union jobs boost local economies, lift living standards and strengthen tax bases

And reason #1- YOU EARN MORE MONEY! Union construction workers make on average 41% more than their non union counterparts. MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.... JOIN A UNION!

For more information call
Marcus Williamee Membership Development Representative, Local 81
1-800- 635- 0336