Why Join Us?

Contact our Organizer:
Marcus Williamee
(607) 351-5656

All unions were born out of necessity. During the Industrial Revolution, working men and women were treated very unfairly. It was standard practice for employers to demand that their employees work twelve hour days, seven days a week with little pay, no workmen’s compensation, no health and safety laws and no benefits. Workers had nothing to look forward to – their lives were spent working, and they worked until they died.

A union isn’t formed to fight the employer. A union is organized to make things easier and fairer for everyone.

Your contractor is busy. It takes time to run a business. The company has to be efficient and profitable and a company doesn’t always have the time to address problems with individual employees.
With a union, there is a collective bargaining contract. It covers wages, hours and conditions of employment.

Our society is based on legal contracts. When you buy a house, car, insurance – any time you finance – you sign a contract.

As a non-union piping mechanic, welder or plumber, you are selling the best years of your life – hour by hour – day by day – on the installment plan without a contract! Your employer would never dream of performing work without a contract.  WHY WOULD YOU?

What we can offer:
A growing number of piping mechanics have pledged to join the cause for decent jobs in our industry.

Together, we can offer:
•    Good wages with increases that reflect the real cost of living and our skills
•    Health insurance for our members and their families
•    Safe job sites and working conditions Superior training and advancement opportunities
•    Strict enforcement of all laws governing wages, overtime, job safety, and building codes
•    Meaningful pension plans with health benefits included when you retire