Do you  have a job in the piping industry that pays you what your worth and gives you the benefits that you deserve?  Do you have a Pension, Health Insurance, Annuity/401K, ongoing training opportunities that cost you nothing to receive?

These are just a few of the benefits to becoming a member of UA Local 81

  • A bargained and set minimum wage plus benefits, all paid by the employer
  • Medical Coverage for you and your family paid for by your employer which includes limited dental and vision
    Benefits follow the employee!
  • Your pension, retirement security, and healthcare benefits provide coverage for both you and your spouse for life!
  • Access to over 50 contractors who exclusively employ our members
  • Our Journeyman Training and Apprenticeship programs allow you to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!  You will receive high quality on-going education and certification state of the art training equipment and by certified instructors.














When reporting to our Training Center, you are asked to bring the following documents:
- Certified Birth Certificate
- High School Diploma or GED Transcripts
- Driver’s License
- Social Security Card (non-laminated)
- DD214 (if Military Veteran)