Our Trades History: An Agreement From 1900

Agreement, entered into this 12th day of March, 1900, between the Master Plumber's Association of the City of Syracuse, and Local Union No. 40 Of the United Association of Journeyman Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters and Steam Fitter's Helpers of the United States and Canada.

  1. The hours of labor will be from 7:55 A. M. until 5:00 P.M. with 55 minutes for dinner. Saturdays from 7:55 A.M. until 4 P.M. with 55 minutes for dinner. The wages shall be $3.00 per day for Journeymen, overtime to be paid at time and one-half ; all Sundays and the following holidays to be paid for as double time: January 1st, July 4th, Decoration Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Time and one-half, 57 cents per hour; double time, 75 cents per hour.
  2. Journeymen sent outside of the city to work shall be subject to all the conditions of this agreement, but in addition thereto shall receive their railroad fair and board paid. Sundays and week days to be paid at single time regular rate.
  3. It is expressly understood that no member of the Journeymen Plumbers' Association will work in any building where any person or firm proposes to or does set up any plumbing material, or plumbing fixtures not furnished by their employer. Joints on couplings and ferrules to be wiped in all cases; no combination ferrules or bends to be used. The members of the Journeymen Plumbers' Association will not work for any one under any circumstances for less than the regular rate of wages agreed upon in this agreement.
  4. All violations of this article shall be in charge of the Joint Conference Committee of both Associations.
  5. No general strike shall be ordered in a shop by any officer of the Journeymen Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters and Steam Fitters Helpers' Association, without first submitting grievance to joint Conference Committee. The decision of the majority of said Committee shall be binding on both parties. The Chairman of the Conference Board shall call a meeting at some regularly appointed place within 24 hours of the time that a grievance is submitted to him.
  6. In no case shall a plumber or steam fitter be employed without having a clear card or provision made for one by the employer.
  7. It is agreed that when Joint Conference Board is not satisfied that this agreement is being strictly lived up to, said Board shall have power to cause such investigation as they see fit, the finding of said Board on all such matters shall be final and binding on both Associations.
  8. No master plumber working with an apprentice shall allow the apprentice to stay on job during his absence, and that any master plumber working with tools shall work the same number of hours specified for journeymen.
  9. No member of the Journeymen Union NO. 40 will work for any one in the plumbing business in Syracuse unless in good standing in the Association of Master Plumbers. and no member of the Association of Master Plumbers shall employ other than members in good standing of the Association Of Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters.
  10. The Conference Board shall consist of five members of each Association, and the President of the same, who shall be empowered to vote. Whenever a member of the Conference Board becomes a prosecutor or a defendant he shall temporarily vacate his seat, and his place shall be filled by some other member of his organization or a proxy vote placed with one of his colleagues.
  11. It is understood to be no violation of this agreement for a member of Local Union No. 40 to work for an out of town Master Plumber who has secured a job in this city, providing that the Master Plumber is a member in good standing of the National Master Plumber's Association.
  12. Each shop shall be allowed one helper except where there are more than one employed at present, but I apprentices who are registered by the joint Conference Board of both associations shall be permitted to complete their time, which will be four years, and at the expiration of the same shall receive $2.00 per day for one year, provided however, that the fifth year is worked in the same shop where the trade is finished; if at another shop, he shall receive $2.50 per day, at the expiration of which time he shall receive journeyman's pay. No new helpers to be hired in shops that have more than one at present.
  13. This agreement in duplicate form shall receive the signatures of the officers and seal of, both Associations, and shall become effective April 2d, 1900, and remain so for one year.
  14. A copy of this agreement shall be conspicuously displayed in each shop where said Board has jurisdiction.
  15. It is also agreed that the initiation fee of the Master Plumbers'Association and Journeymen Plumbers and Steam Fitters' Association, Local Union No. 40, shall not be raised from the present amount during the term of this agreement.